Posted on: December 10, 2008 2:26 pm

A Few Bowl thoughts

* Home teams: Hawaii, Vanderbilt, Rice and Georgia Tech all play in their own cities. South Florida and California play in the same conurbations. I´m not counting USC because they qualified for the Rose Bowl as opposed to being picked by the bowl itself. Hey, at least Boise state and New Mexico don´t play their home bowls!

* Ohio state/Boise state in the Fiesta Bowl: As much as I like the matchup as such, Boise state would have been more deserving. They are unbeaten after all and that should mean something. The Buckeyes lost to both teams that play in the Rose so they do not deserve to be in a BCS bowl, I think it devalues this game. Boise state - Texas Christian is one of the more interesting matchups but this season the Broncos deserve better.

* Division I-AA in the mix: No, I´m not suggesting there should be I-AA teams in the bowls but show the championship game right before the New Orleans bowl or something and the world will know that there are too many bowl-eligible teams! Actually, these guys are rather good.

* Best games outside BCS: Boise state - Texas Christian, Oklahoma state - Oregon, Georgia - Michigan state.

* Biggest yawns: Hawaii - Notre Dame, Northern Illinois - Louisiana Tech, Kansas - Minnesota

* Games that could (and probably should) be something to see: Wisconsin - Florida state, Miami - California, Missouri - Northwestern, LSU - Georgia Tech, Clemson - Nebraska and Tulsa - Ball state.
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