Posted on: February 27, 2009 3:10 pm

Good thinking

Stacy Andrews might be signing with the Eagles if he passes a physical today. Stacy will be joining his brother Shawn on the O-line. Stacy is of course a terrific player in his own right but this signing has another benefit to it. His brother has been suffering from depression and missed a part of training camp last year because of it. The Eagles have been taking this very seriously and were talking last year about creating some sort of network to support Shawn in his struggles. To sign Stacy can only be a good thing for Shawn in his continuing rehabilitation. And he is a good player himself too!




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Posted on: January 19, 2009 1:22 pm


Losing the last game of the season (which, of course, you always do when you lose a playoffgame in the NFL unless you proceed to win it all) invariably leaves a somewhat sour taste and yes, I am just as disappointed as everybody else but still, got to say this:

Thanks for a great playoff run guys! It was fun while it lasted. If you could just be a bit more consistent next year, maybe get yourself a home game or even a bye week, I look forward to do it all again next year with an even better result.

It´s funny by the way how much more at ease I feel now than I usually do when another Eagles season ends without a championship. It clearly took some weight off the shoulders when the Phillies won theirs!

Now, let´s see what those Flyers can do!
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Posted on: December 30, 2008 11:31 am

Mood swing

Which is more likely?

Oakland beats Tampa Bay who are fighting for a playoff spot, Chicago,also  fighting for a playoff spot, loses to Houston and the Eagles beat Dallas who, incidentally, are fighting for a playoff spot, all on the same day?


The Eagles beat Minnesota and the Giants again and Atlanta, Arizona or Carolina?

Isn´t it funny how a long season can be turned upside down so completely in just a few hours on the last day of regular season, and when the gloom that most of us have felt for so many weeks has kind of  vaporised and disappeared, the mountain that looked insurmountable suddenly appear almost as a smallish hill. It is not of course but by no means are the Eagles out of it. They actually have a real chance here. In fact, counting preseason (which one shouldn´t of course but what the heck!) the Eagles have beaten every NFC playoff team this season  except the Vikings who they didn´t play and they haven´t excactly looked unbeatable during the course of the season.

I was thinking about posting something about the Flyers, that they might become the next championship team in philly (and the first in, like, 25 long weeks or so!), given how well they have been playing and how complete they have been looking as a team and blah blah blah. That will have to wait a while now.

First I will enjoy this playoff run.
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