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Pick Park


 My take on who will be the Phillies fifth starter when the season starts?

Carlos Carrasco - Great prospect, a bit immature, start him in Triple-A.

Kyle Kendrick - Doesn´t appear to have enough mental strenght. Hasn´t improved enough with his complimentary pitches. Give him a Myers-esque stint in Triple-A to work it out or use him in bullpen.

J A Happ - More consistent than the two above, but has had very little experience so far of big league baseball. Use him in long relief.

Chan Ho Park - He has been consistent so far. He is experienced. He is very motivated. Start him!


Carrasco obviously will be very good in the future but he is still very young and why not give him the time to be ready for a few starts later in the season. I hate it when young players are forced into something they are not ready for. I´ve been a fan of Kendricks since he broke through but I fear he might become a liability and that could turn into disaster if Myers starts faltering or Moyer finally slows down (which clearly doesn´t seem to be the case right now, obviously!). Happ is the most difficult to assess but experience is mainly what makes me pick Park ahead of him. Happ probably could be used to good effect in long relief and spot starts. Park actually has had a very good career and there is very little reason to think he will get into rough periods like Myers, Kendrick or Eaton did last year at various points in the season. And basically, isn´t that kind of stability what you wish for in a fifth-starter?



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Posted on: February 9, 2009 9:11 am
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He wasn´t asking too much...

..not in the long run anyway. Ryan Howard signed yesterday a contract that will give him 54 million over three years. He isn´t getting 18 million this season but on average over the three years plus he got a longer term contract which is what he preferred. Both sides win as far as I can see.

But the best thing about this deal for us phans is that the Phillies show us all that they´re not content with last seasons success. They want to do it all again!

And I can´t wait for them to try!

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Posted on: January 21, 2009 9:06 am
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Is he asking too much?

Well, how much is a guy worth? Ryan Howard has asked for 18 million dollars in salary, the Phillies has offered 14 million. The first thing I noticed was that while Howard nearly doubled his asking salary from last year the Phillies actually did double theirs. Last year they offered 7 million, Howard asked for 10 million. That clearly means that the phillies look past the strikeout rate and other deficiencies and values what they actually get from Howard: Clutch hitting when it matters. Did anyone think in june last year that Ryan Howard would be a candidate for MVP come september? Does anyone think right now that they would even have reached the playoffs, let alone win the world series without him performing so well the last two months of the season?

Now I don´t know, in monetary terms, what a guy is worth. It´s not my money being spent after all! But if they pay A-rod 28 million, Teixeira 22 million and Pujols 14 million, then 16 million would not seem excessive. Hopefully they settle for that before arbitration hearings begin. After all, if you want to keep a team that just won a world championship the payroll is bound to go up.

Actually my guess is that Phillies looked at Pujols salary, the player Howard has competed with for MVP honors and who is of the same age and decided to offer him that kind of money.

On another baseball issue: After this years tournament they absolutely need to sit down and think long and hard about what to do with the World Baseball Classic. If they keep playing it during spring training it will never become anything more than an afterthought. What would be the point of that? Not many of the biggest stars will want to compete in it because they have more important things to concentrate on. Like the upcoming MLB season! Also the players themselves and their teams don´t want to risk injury so close to opening day. My proposal is to have the world series played a week earlier than now and the WBC to be played the last week of october/first week of november.

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Posted on: January 8, 2009 10:23 am

Catching questions

The Phillies traded one of their catching prospects, Jason Jaramillo, to the Pirates earlier this offseason for Ronny Paulino. It sort of made sense to trade Jaramillo, after all Lou Marson is heralded as the top Catcher prospect and he seems just about ready to make the last step to play in the Majors.

But why Paulino?

 The Phillies has Carlos Ruiz and Chris Coste at the position and they have both played well. Ruiz is the starter, mainly because of his ability to handle the pitching staff. Coste, who has been a little better offensively - not least in the clutch, also generally has been at his best when having a couple days off between starts and therefore in a way was the perfect backup to Ruiz. With Marson coming through all seemed well.

Is Paulino merely a trade chip to be used to acquire somebody else at another position?

Is the idea to let Paulino be the new backup instead of Coste and to trade him or Marson? Ruiz, after all is the logical starter come opening day.  Coste is getting older but he has not showed any clear signs of slowing down that much and the question is if Paulino would be that much of an upgrade.

If Marson stays, there´s no sense in keeping him with the Iron pigs, at least not for any extended amount of time, and it´s hard to believe they will have four catchers on the roster.

If nothing happens before spring training this will be an interesting competition for roster spots.
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Posted on: December 20, 2008 9:01 pm

Hamels and a bunch of uncertainties

The world champions and their starting rotation. Set in stone? Hardly. Let´s look at what we got.

Cole Hamels: Undoubtedly the ace. Still young. Capable of handling the pressure of being number one it seems.

Jamie Moyer: Just had a really great season. But he is old. Some day he will slow down. Hopefully  there´s one or two good seasons before that happens.

Brett Myers: When he´s good, he is really good. But he must be more consistent. He can´t afford any more spells like the one that made him play triple-A for a while last season. Basically he played well for less than half the season and that can´t continue.

Joe Blanton: Was better than expected since acquired. Has to show that was not a fluke.

Kyle Kendrick: Played really well for most of last season, I thought he was a tad underrated, but the collapse he had towards the end of the regular season that effectively kept him out of the playoff squad is very worrying.

Adam Eaton: Well, what´s left to say about Eaton? He will not be in the rotation the upcoming season.

J.A Happ: He is a nice prospect, but is he a man for the rotation? He has only started five games in the big league so far.

Carlos Carrasco: Exciting prospect with no big league experience. I get the feeling the Phillies want a little more seasoning which could mean he at least starts out in the minors. Is it just the stats that are lying or did he slow down a bit last year?

Chan Ho Park: Interesting acquisition. Starter or reliever? With all the good relievers the phillies have I´d like to think he can compete for a starting spot. At least early on before maybe Carrasco or someone  else is ready.

Being the defending world champions certainly the rotation has more question marks than I would like. Last season worked out of course. But looking at these starters I don´t see a rotation for a championship team. Hopefully I am wrong. I would have been last season!
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