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Do we really need these?

Four unnecessary sporting events, in no particular order.


  • Pro Bowl - I don´t really like any allstar game but this one is the most pointless. The players are weary and banged up after a long hard season, many are reluctant to go at all and most fans have lost interest after the Super Bowl. Just pick the teams and let that be the honor in itself.
  • Hockey world championships - Well, the best players in the world aren´t playing so how can it be a world championship? Where they are? Playing for the Stanley cup. At least change the date to, say, september so all players are available!
  • World Baseball Classic - As long as they keep playing it in the middle of the buildup to a new season this tournament will be a curiosity at best. The idea about a world baseball tournament actually is good enough to be tried properly, but again, change the date.
  • Any new College Basketball postseason tournament - With the NCAA tourney and the NIT going on at the same time, it´s simply to much to keep peoples interest up. I you haven´t made it to neither two, well, face it. You aren´t good enough to play in a postseason tournament.



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Posted on: January 21, 2009 9:06 am
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Is he asking too much?

Well, how much is a guy worth? Ryan Howard has asked for 18 million dollars in salary, the Phillies has offered 14 million. The first thing I noticed was that while Howard nearly doubled his asking salary from last year the Phillies actually did double theirs. Last year they offered 7 million, Howard asked for 10 million. That clearly means that the phillies look past the strikeout rate and other deficiencies and values what they actually get from Howard: Clutch hitting when it matters. Did anyone think in june last year that Ryan Howard would be a candidate for MVP come september? Does anyone think right now that they would even have reached the playoffs, let alone win the world series without him performing so well the last two months of the season?

Now I don´t know, in monetary terms, what a guy is worth. It´s not my money being spent after all! But if they pay A-rod 28 million, Teixeira 22 million and Pujols 14 million, then 16 million would not seem excessive. Hopefully they settle for that before arbitration hearings begin. After all, if you want to keep a team that just won a world championship the payroll is bound to go up.

Actually my guess is that Phillies looked at Pujols salary, the player Howard has competed with for MVP honors and who is of the same age and decided to offer him that kind of money.

On another baseball issue: After this years tournament they absolutely need to sit down and think long and hard about what to do with the World Baseball Classic. If they keep playing it during spring training it will never become anything more than an afterthought. What would be the point of that? Not many of the biggest stars will want to compete in it because they have more important things to concentrate on. Like the upcoming MLB season! Also the players themselves and their teams don´t want to risk injury so close to opening day. My proposal is to have the world series played a week earlier than now and the WBC to be played the last week of october/first week of november.

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